Intensive Workshops for Individuals or Groups

Choose from Personal Intensive Workshops or 5-Day Group Intensives

Personal Intensive Workshops

CRM a safe therapeutic path to wellnessI offer deep and profound therapeutic work for therapists and non-therapists over the course of two to four days, anywhere from 6-20 hours of session time. During these days you will experience a flowing process of healing toward whatever goal(s) you choose. The work may include attachment disruptions, trauma resolution, in-utero processing, birth trauma processing, identifying and living through core self/spiritual essence, integration of personality fragmentation, psycho-spiritual work, and education focusing on different types of breathing exercises to facilitate relaxation and grounding. I use primarily CRM enhanced with the use of Sourcepoint Therapy, Transpersonal methods, aromatherapy, and Usui Reiki.

Group Intensive Workshops

Life is short.

One of our goals as healers is to embody clarity and core self in our personal relationships and professional work on a daily basis. It is our responsibility to complete the internal healing work necessary to allow for this type of embodied existence in our own lives in order to be able to provide the same for our clients.

Lisa Schwarz and Ron Schwenkler, co facilitators of Comprehensive Resource Model IntensivesThe 5-day Intensive is an experiential healing circle in which you will have the opportunity to work at the most profound level in alleviating attachment disruptions, generational patterns, and disconnection from self. There is a maximum number of 10 attendees for each intensive which provides several hours of healing work with Lisa for each individual, extensive de-briefs of each session, and an expansive group process in which your healing work continues in an additional context.

For anyone interested in bringing an intensive to your area, please feel free to contact me here.

Add the deep healing  work of Jack Stucki to your workshop

jack-stucki-croppedJack Stucki is an internationally known healer and scientist who provides adjunctive  work to intensive participants if they so choose.  Jack uses sound, sacred geometry, and shamanic practices which enhance and embody the work done in the intensive.  He is available for private sessions before and after our work as a group when the intensive is held in Beulah, Colorado. Click here to learn about Jack’s work or to contact him directly.

Praise for

The Beulah Intensives

Holly Whall therapistLisa Schwarz’s Comprehensive Resource Model Intensive must be experienced to be believed. I have attended over a dozen trauma related workshops and trainings over the past few years, searching out the best of the best. Lisa’s CRM Intensive has surpassed them all. Not only is she a phenominal trainer, she is also a gifted healer, an authentic person and has a remarkable depth and breath of knowledge. Look no further. It will be money well spent and an experience you will not forget.Holly Whall
Beulah is a magical place and indeed magic happened at our intensive with Ron and Lisa.
The learning space is beautiful, the surroundings truly amazing, and our teachers very knowledgeable and wise beyond belief. Truly masterful therapists. The CRM model is comprehensive for trauma processing and now that I have learned it I feel like I can walk my clients through anything in a safe, effective and deeply loving way. Joanna Ignaszewska

More Feedback from Lisa’s Intensive Workshops

This training is amazing. It is hard to put into words how much I have gained personally and clinically. I have small children at home and a growing family. I was worried about the amount of time and money I would have to sacrifice for this training. After the training I don’t regret a THING!! This training is worth every penny and all the time spent away from home. I actually feel this has benefitted me so much personally that my family will also feel the benefits. Lisa and Ron are amazing together – loving and balanced in teaching, practice, and relationship with all of us. The small town environment of Beulah was perfect. The mountains are beautiful and provide a wonderful step back in time. I plan on recommending this training to all of my colleaguesJenn Skaff, MSW, Iowa

megan-wuestLisa, thank you. I had a great time attending the Beulah CRM intensive. It far exceeded my already high expectations. The benefits far outweighs the expense to attend. I found Beulah to be the perfect setting to do this profound, healing work. This was by far the best training that I have ever attended. I grew as a therapist and as a person. Megan Wuest, LMFT, Eugene, OR

The CRM intensive training was an experience that is hard to describe. Learning this model has completely transformed the work I do with clients. Lisa and Ron are so wise and intuitive and I took so much from every demonstration. The experience was worth every penny it cost and more.Erin Gulick, LISW, Onawa, Iowa

Lisa and Ron are attuned to the students in the intensive training as well as to each other. The training itself was a perfect mix of demonstrations and teaching. I found this experience to be extremely life-altering – allowing for personal and professional growth. So worth the time and expense.Jayne Woolridge, LCSW

The CRM is a brilliantly synthesized method for working through attachment disruptions that are behind the painful, problematic, relationship issues that plague us years later and bring us to therapy. I was thoroughly amazed that thanks to the intensive 5-day format, it was so easy to learn. It is flexible and when properly applied, safe for both clients and clinicians.Wendy Durkee, LMFT