Overall Goals of Certification:

  • Providing CRM® guidance, clinical and educational support as the therapist begins learning and implementing CRM®.
  • Providing a framework so that the therapist is competent and feels confident in facilitating a CRM® processing session.
  • Teaching/reinforcing the nuances of CRM®.
  • Facilitating the therapist’s understanding of: the CRM® framework, conceptualization of overall treatment, and working with the dissociative process.

Certification Requirements:

  • Coursework:  CRM® Basic Training (taken twice, although the second time may be fulfilled by watching the Australian Video which will be available online in 2019), CRM® Advanced Core Self, and Advanced Case Conceptualization and Treatment of DDNOS and DID.
  • 36 sessions of personal work, unless more is deemed necessary by the consultant providing the personal work.
  • 36 consultation hours, unless more is deemed necessary by the consultant.  16 of them may be completed in a CRM® consultation group format.
  • 6 hours of each consultation and personal work can be applied after attendance at a 5 day intensive with Lisa Schwarz, developer of CRM®.
  • Minimum of 3 CRM® processing sessions and one Core Self session video taped (completed at varying intervals throughout certification process) and processed didactically with the consultant. Each taping will be mailed with the therapist’s process notes and reflections made as they review the taped sessions prior to submitting to the CRM® consultant.
  • ***Once a clinician meets the above requirements, the CRM® Approved Consultant/Personal Work Provider will submit a summary of hours and content that speaks to the therapist’s ability to meet and address the criteria required by CRM® LLC for certification.  The summary will be reviewed with the Director of Training and Development, Elisa Elkin-Cleary, for final certification approval.

The formal certification process will begin in 2019, however a clinician may use trainings attended thus far and until and beyond 2019 for certification requirements.  Any study groups attended from 2017-2018 will count toward certification study group hours. For more information, contact Elisa Elkin-Cleary at

Further Formal Certification information will be posted in early 2019.