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Developing the Adult Self

Dates: February 16th – 17th, 2023
9:00am – 5:00pm CST (Chicago Time)

Location: Live Streaming Online

Cost: $495 USD

There are no prerequisites however a completed
CRM Basic Training is recommended

Trainer: Elisa Elkin-Cleary, LICSW

Assistant Trainer: Morgan Grace, LCSW, LCDC

This workshop is designed to clarify conceptualization and practice relevant to working with the Adult Self (AS) ego state. Evaluating and fostering AS in our work with clients, as well as in ourselves as therapists, is imperative for thorough healing across the diagnostic spectrum. This two day workshop includes: defining what exactly the Adult Self ego state is; how to assess for it; how to develop it in someone without one, and in those who have a sense of an Adult Self( but one that is not in charge of the “Internal system”) and how to then develop leadership from an adult self state (operationalizing adult development).

This class teaches how to incorporate strategies for working with obstacles to developing and maintaining adult self actions/thinking day-to-day. There is additional focus on addressing directly the topics and paradoxes which challenge us in leading our lives through Adult Self and methods to resolve those challenges.

Summary main points of workshop.
• Adult Self Identification, conceptualization and formulation.
• Why Adult Self is important to the healing process in clients 20 years old and older
• Strategies to developing Adult Self in those who do not have one:
• Strategies to developing Adult Self in those who have some semblance of one but it is not a leader in their emotional and therefore behavioral systems.
• How we know when Adult Self is in a leadership role within a person’s emotional system: signs to look for that Adult Self is present day to day in the client (and therapist) as well as clinical obstacle work when its not.

In the Adult Self Seminar, we will be exploring how to identify an adult emotional-behavioral state, how to develop it within our selves and our clients, and how to do the nuanced parts/ego state work to develop the strength of ones adult self which is on one level the healing work.

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For any questions please contact Elisa directly at elisa@elisaelkincleary.com