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Heather Hart Kennedy, LCSW
Senior CRM® Trainer


Elisa Elkin-Cleary, LICSW
CRM® Director of Training and Certification

Location of Training:

495.00 USD

This two day training has no pre-requisite

This training will:

· Provide a working conceptualization and understanding of dissociation and ego state work, informed by CRM Conceptualization and the theory of structural dissociation.

· Clarify and illuminate the symptoms and phenomena involved in dissociative processes and structural dissociation.

· Provide in-depth, nuanced assessment strategies supporting systemic engagement and recognition of dissociative processes in the assessment process.

· Explore client responses to each CRM intervention, (attunement, breath work, eye position, attachment resourcing, somatic attunement and grids) illustrating their diagnostic capacity and how the information informs interventions and decisions in the treatment process.

· Explore the structure of therapeutic relationship within the context of CRM Conceptualization.

· Provide overarching treatment strategies within a CRM Conceptualization framework, teaching the incorporation of information learned through on-going assessment to adjust treatment strategies and focus.

For information or questions please contact Heather directly at heather@heatherhartkennedy.com

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