Case Study: Resolution of childhood trauma in adulthood

Client: James is a 48 year old Mexican-American man who initially sought counseling due to relationship difficulties with his new girlfriend. Summary: James had previously been married for 13 years in a kind but emotionally distant relationship, which ended in a peaceful divorce last year. James then rekindled a High School relationship after 30 years Read More

CRM Case Study: Treatment of Concussion

Case Report: Tom (name changed for confidentiality), age 26yrs, suffered a severe concussion diagnosed by his medical doctor. The prognosis was that he would experience pronounced symptoms for six to eight weeks, and he was required to remain home from work, refraining from all physical activity as well as cell phone, computer and television use Read More

Recognition of the neurobiological insults imposed by complex trauma and the implications for psychotherapeutic interventions

Summary: Considerable research has been conducted on particular approaches to the psychotherapy of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, the evidence indicates that modalities tested in randomised controlled trials (RCTs) are far from 100% applicable and effective and the RCT model itself is inadequate for evaluating treatments of conditions with complex presentations and frequently multiple comorbidities Read More

Neglect of the complex: why psychotherapy for post-traumatic clinical presentations is often ineffective

Summary Evidence of efficacy in studies of post-traumatic conditions is largely derived from studies in which variables are kept to a minimum. Extrapolation of treatments from uncomplicated disorders to complex conditions may therefore be called evidence-based without being evidenced. Complex conditions with polysymptomatic presentations and extensive comorbidity are being denied proper evaluation, and patients most Read More

Clearing The Way for Positive Neuroplasticity

Re-membering our true and authentic loving selves Lisa Schwarz, M.Ed. and Ron Schwenkler, M.A. Traumatic experiences lead to a disconnection from self, other, and God, taking us further and further away from the experience of loving self and others. Unresolved trauma shapes, influences, and limits our ability to reach the potential of our life’s purpose Read More

The CRM Goes on a Humanitarian Mission

Kirsten Kraus will be joining The Global Medical Foundation in Nepal April 2-18. The GMF will provide children who have lost limbs with prosthetics and training to use them. Kirsten will accompany the mission provide trauma therapy, using the Comprehensive Resource Model, to help these children heal emotionally as well. Please watch this three-minute video Read More