Below are the Study Groups available for CRM® practitioners.  In-person or On-line are delineated. Often the in-person groups have ability to include those who can’t attend in person but can Skype in, you may contact the in-person study group leader to confirm if Skyping in is possible.  All Study Group Leaders also provide individual consultation. Please contact the study group leader of the group that you choose in order to receive direction on how to pay and to receive the Zoom link for the group. All CRM® on-line study groups are run on Zoom and each study group leader has their own link to the “cyber room” that they use.  If you wish to attend you simply need to download the free Zoom program ( and you would open that program at the appointed time and click on the link that you receive from your study group leader once you pay them.


International On-line Study Groups

These monthly 2 hour study groups are open to anyone who has taken at least the CRM® BASIC Training as well as those with advanced trainings. The topics or case presentations can include or address any type of CRM® work.

1. Basic trauma processing
2. Core Self
3. Dissociation and Parts work
4. Adult Self
5. Gestational
6. Generational
7. Medical conditions
8. Spiritual Development
The Universal and consistent feedback from study group attendees is that ones CRM® practice becomes easier, clearer and deeper as well as therapists understanding their own blocks and obstacles to certain clients or types of CRM® work. Elisa and I consult clinically with each other often for support and ideas and we both invite you to receive the same from us.

Lisa Schwarz

Elisa Elkin-Cleary


Price for study groups is $50 per person, per study group.

Lisa: You will be invoiced which can be accomplished by contacting our office manager, Phil Kyritz, at who will email your invoice.

Elisa:   There is a PayPal link on Elisa’s website:   Put international study group in the note section.


Each consult group will run from 11am – 1pm EST (New York Time) unless otherwise specified


Due to low attendance no study groups are currently
planned with Lisa Schwarz or Elisa Elkin-Cleary




Due to low attendance and scheduling issues, Gen Club and Gen study groups will be re-configured with additional information provided in December  2023

To attend Gen Study Groups, you must have completed the Basic Training along with completing either or both of the Advanced CRM® with Core Self Training and/or the CRM® with Generational Healing Training.  If a month is not listed, there is no study group taking place that month.  


Nashville, Tennessee
Becky Russell, LCSW
(615) 861-8832

Child & Adolescent Study Groups for 2023:
All are on Saturday (Except for March, which is on Sunday), and the time is 10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon, CST.  Cost is $50 per person, per group and you can register by visiting:

March 5 (**This is a Sunday, not Saturday)
April 1
May 20
June 24
July 22
Aug 26
Sept 16
Oct 7
Nov 11
Dec 2

Austin, Texas
Morgan Grace, LCSW

Zoom Consult Groups, 9am – 11am CST

March 2nd
March 16th
April 6th
April 20th
You can RSVP by submitting $50 via Venmo @morganlindseygrace or PayPal to

Sacramento, California
Curtis Buzanski
In-person group

UK and Europe

All study groups below are now taking place online

Athens, Greece

CRM® Study groups in Athens, Greece (provides in person groups / & online groups  and individual consultation in Greek language)
With Domna Ventouratou (Mag.phil., Clinical & Health Psychologist, registered EAP Psychotherapist) Contact Domna at  For certification and general consultation.
In German language:
CRM® individual & group consultation online Domna Ventouratou (Mag.phil., Clinical & Health Psychologist, registered EAP Psychotherapist) Contact Domna  at  For certification and general consultation.

Thessaloniki, Greece

(study group in Greek language)
With Victoria Askaridou (