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“An enormous training experience where both the teaching and practising become integrated in a way I have not previously experienced in any other training. The depth and realness of change are, in my experience, ongoing. Lisa’s style, humour and authenticity are original and light Thank you Lisa.”

Ean JamesEan James, Clinical Psychologist, Perth Australia
“This training is like nothing else – it will take your work to a much deeper level and give you ways of working with the most difficult and hard to move issues. I have personally gained so much from attending all of Lisa’s training’s, including Core Self. Don’t hesitate to sign up — it needs to be personally experienced!”
Jacquie Myles-PallisterJacquie Myles-Pallister, Abbotsford Psychology
“I came into the training with such great anticipation and high expectations. Core Self training far surpassed this and in the end was nothing I could have imagined. The experience was so rich and incredibly valuable for myself as a person and my capapcity as a therapist. I am truly grateful for Lisa’s expertise, competence, wisdom and richness. Thank you.”
Rebecca JamesRebecca James, Private Practice Counselor