Webinars and Online Training

The following are webinars and on-line trainings available for streaming. The price of each is $150 EXCEPT:
Mapping $175
CRM® for clients $45
Developing Adult Self $495 (this is a two day training)

To access these contact Phil Kyritz at phil@comprehensiveresourcemodel.com.
To access Power Animals or Adult Self, contact Elisa Cleary at elisa@elisaelkincleary.com

Mapping the Dissociative States

Obstacles to Embodiment

CRM® with Groups

CRM® with Addictions

CRM® with Toning and Sound

How to Explain CRM® to clients

Working with Perpetrator Parts

Developing Adult Self (This is a two day training but is available through Elisa Elkin Cleary (elisa@elisaelkincleary.com)

Harnessing the Power of Perpetrator Parts (This is the one Lisa held for TraumaEdEssentials Education seriess. The link to it is https://traumaedessentials.com/products/lisa-schwarz-august-2019

CRM®: Working With Paradox

CRM®: Working With The Black Hole/Void

CRM®: With Somatic Dissociation