Webinars and Online Training

The following are webinars and on-line trainings available for streaming. The price of each is $150 EXCEPT:
Mapping $175
CRM for clients $45
Developing Adult Self $495 (this is a two day training)

To access these contact Phil Kyritz at phil@comprehensiveresourcemodel.com.
To access Power Animals or Adult Self, contact Elisa Cleary at elisa@elisaelkincleary.com

Mapping the Dissociative States
Obstacles to Embodiment
CRM with Groups
CRM with Addictions
CRM with Toning and Sound
How to Explain CRM to clients
Working with Perpetrator Parts
CRM with Power Animals (available through Elisa Elkin Cleary (elisa@elisaelkincleary.com)
Developing Adult Self (This is a two day training but is available through Elisa Elkin Cleary (elisa@elisaelkincleary.com)
Harnessing the Power of Perpetrator Parts (This is the one I did for TraumaEdEssentials Education series and is actually better than the one I did for my own series. The link to it is https://traumaedessentials.com/products/lisa-schwarz-august-2019 Cheaper too! $59)