Webinars and Online Training

The following are webinars and on-line trainings available for streaming. The price of each webinar is $150 EXCEPT:
Mapping $175
CRM for Clients $45

To purchase and access recordings please contact our Office Manager, Phil Kyritz, at phil@comprehensiveresourcemodel.com

For Adult Self only, contact Elisa Cleary at elisa@elisaelkincleary.com

Mapping the Dissociative States
CRM: Obstacles to Embodiment
CRM with Groups
CRM: Resourcing Practice for Addictions
CRM with Toning and Sound
How to Explain CRM to clients
CRM: Working With Paradox
CRM: Working With The Black Hole/Void
CRM: With Somatic Dissociation
CRM: Getting to the Root
CRM: Flashbacks, Flooding, Nightmares and Suicidality
CRM: Getting to the Root
CRM with Upside Down Attachment and Adoption
CRM: Advanced Grid Work

TRAININGS AVAILABLE (pricing differs – please contact Phil at phil@comprehensiveresourcemodel.com for details)
CRM™ Basic Training – full five day Basic which can be used to repeat the course but is not available for first time attendees
Developing Adult Self (This is a two day training but is available through Elisa Elkin Cleary (elisa@elisaelkincleary.com)

CRM™ Case Conceptualization and Working with DID/DDNOS 
CRM™ for Gestational/In-Utero Healing – Two day training in July 2022
CRM™: Harnessing the Power of Perpetrator Ego States – Two day training in July 2022