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January 16-20, 2018 - CRM Core Self/Generational Training - Melbourne, Florida


Registration for this combination training is $1000 with a 25 person maximum.

For more information contact Lisa directly at lisa@comprehensiveresourcemodel.com

The pre-requisite for this training is the CRM Basic Training.

The focus of this training is a combination of CRM Core Self and CRM Generational work.

The Core Self element includes teaching therapists and consequently their clients how to access, identify, and remember their Core Self, true authentic self, or spiritual essence and correlate it to the eye position that anchors this essence in the physical, somatic body. It is an effective and comprehensive combination of neurophysiology and spirituality that is quick and easy. This resource can then be utilized in several ways:

  • For use as a neurophysiological and spiritual anchor from which to process In-Utero/Pre-natal trauma, dissociation, attachment disruption, and somatic dissociation
  • To process traumatic experiences, survival terror, attachment disruption, pre-verbal dissociation, and the “little t and BIG T” Truths of our Life
  • Most importantly, this training provides the remembering of who we really are:  the non-intentional BE-ing state that is immune from trauma; unconditional love that is everlasting; our highest possible level of consciousness and the mechanisms which allow the core self to be operationalized in ones daily life across time.

The Generational Training in CRM offers Basic training graduates the opportunity to develop their expertise with CRM through an experiential learning of a variety of spiritual and ancestral resources, somatic attunement, and breathing skills in working to: 1) enhance one’s internal neurobiological scaffold of assets and 2) expanding the processing and release of unresolved trans-generational trauma.   This unique training not only provides you with theoretical knowledge on how generational trauma manifests in the present in the average individual or family but also provides the clinical skills which allow therapists to do this work effectively.

This training is based on the work of indigenous healers as well as contemporary practitioners such as Barbara Barnett, Stephanie Charles and Jeremy Youst. Working with addictions, somatic dissociation, chronic pain syndromes, dysfunctional relationship patterns and general mental health symptoms that do not respond to treatment are areas of focus in this training.

Students will learn how to identify, access, process and integrate material sourced in generational experiences; or that which can be seen and experienced as metaphor for those who are more comfortable with that phenomenology, languaging and intention.  Care will be taken in providing options for physiological, energetic, and spiritual grounding in order for this work to be accomplished in a safe and protective manner.

Additional advanced CRM interventions being taught in this class include toning, sacred geometry, ancestral grids and advanced heart chambers work.

CRM Trainings are intended exclusively for professionals who are trained, licensed mental health professionals (i.e. counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, Community Psychiatric Nurses, etc.). By signing up for the training, you will confirm that this is applicable to you.  If you are a student in a mental health program who is interested in attending please contact us directly.

This is a specialized event at a beautiful beachfront hotel on the Atlantic coast of Florida.  There is a strict limit of twenty participants due to the nature of the event and space is available on a first come, first served basis.

By registering for this training you agree to the following cancellation policy:
"In case of written cancellation of the contract up to 2 months prior to the training, I will be refunded the full seminar fee minus an administrative fee of $30. In case of cancellation up to 1 months prior, I will be refunded 50% of the seminar fee. In case of later cancellation or not showing up, I must pay the full seminar fee unless I provide a substitute."

This training has reached its maximum number of attendees. If you are interested in attending and would like to be added to a waiting list in case of any cancellations please contact Phil Kyritz, CRM Office Manager, at phil@comprehensiveresourcemodel.com

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.