World-wide Transition

Twin Oak Trees - Winter in Boulder

The world is in a time of transition – energetically, spiritually, ecologically – and we as healers are exposed daily to massive levels of energetic release from our clients as well as being faced with client’s issues that are unresolved in ourselves. Thorough attunement with our clients is impossible if we have not worked through our own survival terrors and truths of our life, including all attachment disruptions. We do not have to be negatively affected through our work with others and if we are clear of our own unresolved issues we will not be. I do not believe in “secondary or vicarious traumatization” due to work with trauma survivors. Instead, I consider these concepts to be a result of our own unfinished personal work that triggers us as therapists, challenging us to remain embodied and fully present during our work with others.

We are responsible to be healthier than the general population if we are choosing to do this type of work.

My belief system holds that a single person’s journey to health contributes to the healing of all people and the earth that sustains us. If the healers aren’t healing, if the healers aren’t facing their own personal challenges that come with holding space for other people’s work and profound internal shifts, there is less power and energy available for healing the planet. Healers must work hard to stay strong and clean and clear to work from a place of core self, our true nature, the embodiment of highest consciousness. It is difficult to do this type of work alone; in my case at least I needed all the help I could get in reaching the goal of living as core self in my work as well as in my personal life. Doing so has been highly rewarding and has helped my family heal as well. I highly recommend caring for the healer in you.

Healing Ourselves and Our Relationships

Currently there is a strong focus in our field on Attachment Issues. What are your attachment issues and how to they impact your therapeutic relationships with your clients? Your family? Do you secretly loathe parts of yourself? How does your external life mirror your inner life? Are you in a fully loving relationship with yourself?

What kind of relationship do you have with yourself? What are your in-utero and birth traumas? These are rich, fertile areas in which to do your own healing work in a way that will enhance every dimension of your life and which promotes the highest level of attunement with your clients.


I offer phone sessions, Skype sessions, and intensive weekend sessions in my Pittsburgh, PA or Beulah, CO locations where you can work anywhere from 6-16 hours in two to four days in person with me. To arrange for sessions, please email me or contact me here.

Lisa Schwarz’s Core Self Training is one of the most powerful and profound treatment modalities I have experienced professionally. It is not only recommended and of immense value but an absolute necessity for outstanding therapeutic outcomes and personal development. Professionally enhancing and life changing work that comes is based in scientific and heart-centered techniques for human evolution.