Boulder Intensive Workshop – April 2011

 “Lisa Schwarz’s Intensive on resolving Pre Birth Trauma and alleviating Somatic Generational Dissociation was wonderful. She is a gifted urban shaman and teacher. You will definitely be shovel ready to use the techniques immediately and to dig into complex issues with confidence and Joy.” Dr. Damaris Methner

“Lisa Schwarz is a gifted therapist and instructor who has the ability to present difficult and complicated information in a way that is easy to hear, learn and remember. Her personality is the cherry on the top. She is open, funny, yet able to zero in on what’s what and say what needs to be said. I highly recommend her seminars for any therapist who wants to more effectively lead his or her clients to identify, experience, and completely resolve, complicated and difficult to resolve issues. Her funny, down-to-earth personality is the cherry on top! Look forward to the next seminars.” Vivian S. Lamphear, Ph.D.

“Lisa’s workshop met and exceeded my already high expectations. I am an experienced trauma therapist and it was fabulous to see how Lisa took my work forward to the next level. It was lovely to learn more of the nuances by watching her work with each participant in the group. Every session and every day was a revelation. I know that my sessions with clients will be greatly improved. If you are serious about trauma therapy, her intensive is a must. If you have been to other attachment Intensive trainings, you will learn different things at Lisa’s intensive.” Sat Tara Kaur Khalsa, MS, LPC


“Lisa is a gift to the therapy community. Her presence and ability to attune to each therapist as she supports their work or works directly with them is remarkable. Her Attachment intensive took each of us to depths we did not know we had.” Workshop Participant


2012 New Vision Wilderness Intensive

“Since my first contacts with Lisa it was obvious to me that she was a true master of the deepest therapeutic work there is. The ancients have long known that the way to learn from any master is apprenticeship and the immersion into observing their use of their unique implementations of their masterful work. The Intensive Training was a wonderful experience of watching a true Master use her entire tool set and was like an immersion into a miraculous healing vortex. The time was priceless and the tools I learned could not have been learned in a short workshop format or on paper. It was an experience with diving into healing with incredible like minded clinicians and we all healed at the deepest level together. All this happened while thoroughly observing and learning Lisa’s intricate bag of tricks from decades of doing this amazing work. The Intensive experience was miraculous and Absolutely Priceless!” Steve Sawyer LCSW CSAC, Clinical Director/Co-Founder, New Vision Wilderness

“The Intensive  Training was fantastic! It was a perfect blend of learning and deep personal healing. I absolutely loved watching Lisa work. Observing nine sessions that were all completely different demonstrated how to weave resources and keep going. Watching the client connecting the dots and releasing trauma capsules until their nervous system was ‘down regulated’ and neurobiology stabilized. I felt safe and extremely supported by the group which helped me heal on a profoundly deep level during my session with Lisa. It was as if I had three sessions! I feel so blessed to have had this experience and forever grateful for the tools I learned. I have only been home for a week and my clients are reaping the benefits. I have more confidence and love using my ‘new bag of trips’. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and teachings with us Lisa!” Kirsten Kraus

“I just wanted to thank you again for staying the extra day and sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us. Your time and other resources shall not be wasted, I assure you. Many hundreds of lives will be changed because of what you shared with us today. I am looking forward to seeing you at another training in the future (after your world tour, of course) and hopefully I will get to bring my wife along so that she can learn the model for her practice as well. I am also looking forward to discussing your presentations to foster/adoption agencies and I will definitely be incorporating what I learned today into my presentations AND my Direct Practice course at UWM. I will be telling all of my students to look you up and get trained right away when they graduate, so they can actually do something! Anyway, thank you again and take care. “ Josh Delahan

“If you believe that you help your clients the most by embodying the healing and wholeness of being that they are seeking, then an intensive with Lisa is definitely in your future. I have done a lot of personal work, and trained in a lot of different therapeutic methods, and the power of her model in a group of dedicated, courageous people is unparalleled. We were all amazed at the strength and depth of the work, and unanimous in feeling that we received both deep personal healing and intense learning of actual techniques to be used in our professional work. it was a privilege to learn from Lisa, as she is so deeply and passionately committed to healing work and to finding the best, fastest, deepest, most true and real ways of liberating the authentic self. I felt simultaneously awed, humbled, and empowered by the experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat.” Terry Schile