All our music uses the standard MP3 format, so our digital files will play on virtually any computer or portable audio player, including iPods.

Titles with more than one track are stored with each track in a separate MP3 file. All tracks are then “wrapped” in a single ZIP file for easy downloading. Most computers will automatically unzip these files into playable downloads — PC users should choose RUN when asked what to do with the download.

Because of the size of these files, we recommend only users with access to a broadband Internet connection purchase MP3 downloads.

When you click on “Buy MP3” you will be taken to our PayPal shopping cart, where you can pay with any major credit card, or your PayPal membership. After checkout, you will be emailed a link to download your purchase. Be sure to provide a valid email address! You may download the file for up to 14 days. At that time the link will expire.

If you do not receive the download link, the email was probably flagged as spam. Check your spam filters. If that doesn’t work, send us an email.

Please note that most mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones to not support direct downloading of our products. Our products must first be downloaded to a computer before they can be transferred to a mobile device.

Before you download, be sure you are familiar with your own computer set up and requirements, as each computer setting is different and has different download procedures. Once you download, it’s a final transaction! Mp3 downloads are not refundable.