Testimonials from Health Professionals

“Ten days before my husband’s heart failure, I participated in a demo session with Lisa Schwarz. I had asked her to give me a way of describing CRM® to people so they would understand the difference between this and standard [redacted for legal reasons]. She said a demo was the only sure way to make that clear. I now believe that was God’s providence preparing me for what was to come. Like many of my clients, when the EMDR and [redacted for legal reasons] sessions cleared away the experience of the trauma, I was left with the original developmental trauma that lay beneath.  Time after time, my clients would experience relief from the presenting symptoms and an initial peace and enthusiasm,  only to show up later describing an innate sense of loneliness, disconnection, and unworthiness. The degree of the experience varied, but the presence of the sense was consistent. After that one session, my experience of myself as apart from others was almost gone. The sense that I was one mistake from being voted off the planet was changed to an acceptance of myself as both flawed and amazing in the eyes of God in very real ways. It felt lovely to be me. The sessions I had with clients before leaving for the fateful vacation were amazing. When I got back to work weeks later, those clients had experienced similar gains to varying degrees. I firmly believe I would be in much worse shape than I am today, two days after the memorial,  we’re it not for that breakthrough session. I would not have been able to allow myself to receive the love and support I’ve been blessed with.  My ability to manage the self-blame for not seeing the symptoms and all the other voices in my head would have been abysmal.”

–Barbara Field

This page contains redactions in compliance with an Order of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, in the matter of Grand v. Schwarz, 15-CV-8779. A copy of this Order is available at the following link: Grand v. Schwarz Order- March 27, 2018.

Lisa Schwarz’s Comprehensive Resource Model® is groundbreaking.  CRM® weaves old and new therapies in mind body medicine into a unique scaffolding that cocoons a client in safety, allowing for a flow of positive neurochemistry. Most importantly, the client is in complete control, is grounded and in the present moment and able to process the true roots of traumas and emotions that have been hijacking the nervous system below the conscious knowing. The end result for clients is a deep positive shift in healing that is remarkable to witness.

Jennifer Phelps, MD, Connecticut

It is a true pleasure to be able to recommend Lisa Schwarz’s training’s. Her Comprehensive Resource Model® is creative, intelligent, innovative, and effective. Lisa’s keen therapeutic sense, her authenticity, and her emphasis on empowering and supporting internal resources while working through overwhelming states and experiences, offer clinicians important tools for the very challenging work of resolving trauma. Her work with dissociation is similarly creative and effective. Not only have I enjoyed learning from Lisa directly, but have also seen the powerful and positive effect her teaching has had on the work being done by colleagues who have studied and consulted with her in their work with challenging dissociative disorder dynamics encountered in their practices. And, Lisa’s continuing expansion and deepening of what she offers as training’s is the best reason to see what she’s up to now.

Nancy NapierNancy J. Napier, LMFT
My mind, body, and spirit continues to process the richness and depth from your work with each of us at the Intensive. The model is an incredible resource AND attunement skill: Personally, I have practiced it whenever I feel called to it and it instantly “reminds me” i.e. helps me to feel into, my new truths and the love and learning from the Intensive circle. What we can do for ourselves with the resourcing tools, when we can identify the need, is amazing!! (Wish I had access to this as a teen!) – Professionally, it has been so satisfying to witness how my own inner work is influencing my ability to attune to my clients’ needs and how to guide them; and it’s been so exciting to share the self-attunement skills with my clients, geared of course to where they are in their journey and how they can use it. The fact that you teach not only the method and protocol, you teach what we need to be aware of, and attune to, in order to apply the tools in a way that the client can access it, relate to it and apply it. That is a rare gift in a teacher. Awesome, Lisa! I recommend your Intensives for all healers, and soon I hope to help you bring it to any and all in New England.
In praise of Lisa SchwarzElisa Elkin Cleary, LICSW, Integrative Psychotherapy

I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for teaching and demonstrating the attunement skills at our intensive. Incorporating them in my work has increased the quality of my practice and positive outcomes for my clients.

I am also finding the resourcing model especially helpful. I am now using it with all of my clients suffering from complex PTSD, attachment disruption, and/or dissociation. I most often use the grid model with a spiritual being assisting as it enables the client to do the deep work necessary to heal the emotional body from a place of relative calm. It is really unbelievable what can happen in these sessions. People not familiar with this type of work would call them miracles.

Thank you again for this groundbreaking work.

In praise of Lisa Schwarz and CRMCoy Osgood, MSW, LICSW-A, CDP

We are in the process of opening an inpatient unit that specialises in working with people who have histories of trauma, including those with diagnoses of dissociative disorders. Lisa provided her expertise in this area to help us formulate our ideas around what was needed to provide an effective, individually-led service for our client group. Her advice, energy, knowledge, compassion and clear therapeutic skills in this area provided us with guidance, insight and direction in so many relevant areas that we cannot thank her enough. Lisa brings a unique blend of theoretical and practical expertise to the area of trauma work and particularly in regard to working effectively with dissociation, and is someone we would have no hesitation in recommending as an excellent resource for anyone working in the difficult field of trauma.

My experience with Lisa during the intensive in September 2013 took everything I learned from her and turbo charged it. Lisa exemplified such attunement with each of the participants tirelessly, consistently, and with the devotion of a mother to her new born, whether the sessions took 2 hours or 6. When Lisa was working with an individual she managed to stay attuned to the fluctuating states and needs of the rest of us as observers as welI. I found this to be amazing. She also took every opportunity to invite us to be involved and attuned with the individual. Lisa’s loving energy was palpable and there was no question in my mind that her moment to moment decisions to silently allow the individual time and space to process; or to intervene; or to choose a particular way of intervening rested on her commitment to facilitate the highest healing and the best outcome for that person. Lisa repeatedly demonstrated the use of the attunement behaviors she taught us -involving eye contact, tactile contact, attention to the vibrations of voice, attention to smell, breathing and heart beat – to help repair attachment disruption as the need for ego state work surfaced for individuals. In this way not only was she present as an attachment figure herself but strengthened the individual by supporting the healing of attachment disruptions from within along with reclaiming of aspects of self that had been rejected, disconnected and otherwise dissociated. It was magical to watch and transforming to experience. During the intensive each participant experienced,first hand, Lisa’s skill in “resourcing” the individual, tailoring it to each one’s particular level of need including ways and levels to identify resourcing interventions. These enhanced our repertoire and capacity to help individuals and ourselves overcome otherwise overwhelming fears through the use of as many layers of resourcing as necessary to calm the amygdala, and create the safe incubator in which tranquil, curious, mindfulness could take place and neurological shifts in the memory of traumatic experiences could occur, culminating in the release of the emotions and a resolution of the distress.
Semra KeceliogluSemra Kecelioglu, Brainwork with Semra

Oh yeah….MAGIC! That fact that CRM® allows me to get it wrong so that I get it right in a better way is the stuff of fractals and nature and love and hope and kick-ass therapy!!

Alastair HullAlastair Hull, MD, FRCPsych, Clinical Lead, NHS Tayside
Today’s CRM® session left me at peace in the wholeness of my Core Self. I’ve been a psychologist for 25 years and have experienced most forms of therapy. I know that there is no other method that could navigate my early attachment anxieties and shift my experience of myself and my life as CRM® has. Today’s session accessed and allowed the chaos of that old trauma and enabled my mind-body to resettle in a more accurate and possibility-rich home. Many thanks, Lisa

The resourcing model allows for someone to do inner work emotionally and physically, that they have been previously unable to access.
I think the grid is a wonderful tool for helping one to attend to and attune to their own body, as well as creating a felt space to do the inner work. Somehow inviting the part that holds the emotion into the grid makes perfect sense at that point. For the grid is a place and a good one because it is held together by the individuals own strength and sense of being grounded. This is an attunement to and within the self.
Then the attunement work of breathe, heartbeat, eyes, touch is so powerful that the individual is completely supported from within, rather than from without (by the therapist). Hence the truths that individuals come to are so poignant for them, because they know them to be true on an attuned level. For example, I’m okay. I am love able. I love me. I’m just fine. Etc…are things they’ve thought before..even tried to practice in affirmations. But now having experienced their wounded part in attunement with another part, they can do the repair needed. As a result,they finally believe it to be true.

Stacey GussStacey Guss, LCSW, The Sharing Place

A great reminder. Taking Trainings and doing my personal work with Lisa Schwartz has been a life transforming experience for me and my clients. In my last session with Lisa, we started the work,…she asked me to remember my core self spot. I couldn’t remember it. So she reminded me how important it was and walked me through the process of getting my core self connection. Having that connection turned out to be the most powerful session I have ever experienced. It reminded me that Lisa , (in her training’s) says over and over again to be sure to get your core self connection and also be sure your clients get it. I was not doing this process, thinking I would have to deal with to much ‘stuff’ in a 50 minute session. I HAVE to share, since that session, over a month ago, I have started most all of my sessions with the core self connection. Every single time, every time, my sessions have been powerful, deeper change, and even spiritual for my clients. I am so grateful that Lisa had me connect to my core self and reminded me just how important it is. I am hoping she will do a new training (: on just this process.

Diane UlicsniDiane Ulicsni, Peak Performance Coach

In 30 plus years of practice, I have finally found, in CRM®, a model that brings together my training in the body, energy, cognitive therapy and spirituality. It is truly the Holy Grail of therapies. Lisa Schwarz is a true visionary, combining her wealth of clinical experience with the latest research on neuroscience and trauma. At the end of this workshop, I was ready to take this amazing work into my practice. My clients should be giving this testimonial…the results are magical!”

Susan MacCullochSusan MacCulloch, R. Psych, Solstice Psychologial Services

I experienced Lisa’s abilities first hand at a Workshop where she presented and trained myself and 50 other therapists to do resource trauma therapy! Her delivery of the material was exceptional and very learner friendly! She is truly amazing and has inspired me in a way I haven’t been inspired in a long time. I feel like I could do my work now for several years.

As a therapist, I have had the good fortune to do both a CRM® training with Lisa Schwarz and also a two day treatment intensive. I would have to say that the intensive was one of the most truly healing experiences I have ever had in my life. The work that I did with Lisa was profoundly deep and transformational. It altered my interactions with an important person in my life, where there were old wounds that needed healing. It also altered my relationship to myself and my physical response to stress and trauma. During the sessions, Lisa was genuinely present, intuitive, and heart centered. She did an extremely skillful job of guiding and facilitating the work. I also found Lisa to be compassionately direct and “real” in the best sense of the word. She did not “sugar coat,” her feedback. Rather, she had faith that I could integrate her observations and suggestions. These respectful “reality checks,” assisted me with being able to make rapid changes over a shorter period of time than I would have expected. In addition to being a profound emotional experience, my work with Lisa was also very spiritually significant. The environment where Lisa practices is perfect for personal exploration. From the small, cozy town where she is located, to her lovely treatment space, I felt completely at ease and able to connect with nature as a grounding force throughout my stay. For anyone who is interested in making a personal commitment to doing in depth, emotionally dynamic and life changing therapeutic work, I highly recommend Lisa Schwarz.

Janette DingeeJanette Dingee, The Juniper Center
I have been practising CRM® for the past year and have found it incredibly healing for myself and my clients. It is a form of practise that goes deeper and wider than any other training and personal therapy I have done over the last 30 years. It is truly healing and comprehensive. It has enabled me to be a better therapist whether I am using it with my clients or they are benefiting from my use of it. Thank you Lisa for sharing your light love and wisdom.
Nicole SettonNicole Setton, Fremantle Counselling