TRAINING: CRM® Trainings are intended exclusively for professionals who are trained, licensed mental health professionals (i.e. counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, Community Psychiatric Nurses, etc.).  By signing up for the training, you will confirm that this is applicable to you.  If you are a student in a mental health program who is interested in attending please contact us directly.

CONSULTING: In addition to providing personal growth consultation to other healers, I will invite you to explore the technical aspects of your work – case conceptualization, theory, consciously making the mind-body-spirit connection, reading books that will expand your knowledge base in ways that you can integrate into your practice, and ethics (sometimes a very slippery slope and a personal challenge to most everyone at some time or other.) One of the consultants who I use in helping me to provide consultation is an ethics expert and I am not hesitant to run things by him for anyone who asks. I have accumulated a pretty large tool box for use in therapeutic work and sharing it is a good thing.