Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM)

The Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) was developed by Lisa Schwarz, M.Ed., a licensed psychologist in Pittsburgh, PA.

The Mission of CRM

To remember, re-process, and release traumatic material from the nervous system in order to provide the opportunity for re-connection to one’s true self, the meaning of the truth of one’s life, and to the ability to embody love in one’s actions.

Nested Modality

The Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) modality is a nested modality with each internal resource used in a fashion that paves the way for the next level of resource to be developed and utilized. The final goal is processing the traumatic material from a place of complete neurobiological resourcing in various brain structures simultaneously. Eye positions are used to anchor the resources during processing.

The nested or layered conceptualization and use of resources is a flexible and “forgiving” model. The individual resources as well as the model as a whole can be used during any and all types of psychotherapeutic models including:

  • CBT,
  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy,
  • EMDR,
  • AEDP,
  • Somatic Experiencing,
  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy,
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy,
  • Internal Family Systems, and many others.

Work is done from the time of conception through the present and includes methods for working with generational trauma out of the realm of the client’s conscious knowledge. This is a heart-centered approach in which clients are guided to re-member who they really are and to learn to embody their true spiritual essence in their day to day lives.

Individual Trainings, Group Intensives, Personal Transformation

Lisa works with individuals and groups in 3 – 5 day trainings and workshops that provide you with the powerful interventions you need to work with your most fragile populations immediately and effectively.

Rick Hanson, PhD

I am very impressed with the Comprehensive Resource Model and with its developer(s). Its thorough, integrated approach is unusual and very valuable.
Dr. Hansen featured Lisa Schwarz and The Comprehensive Resource Model in his semi-monthly newsletter, The Wise Brain Bulletin.
Rick Hansen has spent 35 years developing his unique approach to wholeness in the Foundations of Well-Being. Learn more about applying the Four R’s of Well-Being here.

Rick Hanson, PhD
Colin A. Ross, M.D.

Lisa Schwarz is an innovative and highly skilled clinician. She has worked for many years practicing and teaching a technically eclectic, yet conceptually integrated method of psychotherapy. She thoroughly understands the principles of my Trauma Model and I am honored that she has seen fit to incorporate it into her Comprehensive Resource Model.

Colin A. Ross, M.D., Author: Trauma Model Therapy
Colin A. Ross, M.D.

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